A friend of mine has been doing a series of Instagram posts about things to do each day of the week. Check out the Tuesday post from Luna’s Garden Apothica. I love it so much! I was able to do some tasks that aligned with the idea she had presented for this day of the week.


Tuesday’s are for Action. Getting things done. Being successful in personal goals. I was able to sit down and work on our new daily routine/rhythm, write out tasks for myself to work on each day of the week and start plans for learning and creative things Fox & Bear. It was a very productive use of time!

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Finding Myself


Sometimes life crashes and burns, but you come back even stronger than before. It has taken four months to get back on my feet and adjust to this new normal life. In this time I have learned so much about myself, about my boys, and about others who have passed through my life to help me learn these lessons. I have made new friends, built stronger relationships with current friends, and reconnected with old friends. None of this journey has been easy, but life never is.


I have a butterfly tattoo I had done back in April. I got it for several reasons, but one of them was for a reminder to be joyful and take change with ease. It’s been a great reminder to me over the months. I have had the female tiger swallow follow me through this transition. I see them everywhere, sometimes 3 or more whevever I go! They circle around me, land on me, fly by me. A dear friend sent me a photo of one she had found (shown above) and about a week later I found out I will be coming to yet another big, but positive, transition forward.


The day after this news, I found a butterfly beside my truck, so I picked it up and kept it.  This was such a beautiful reminder to me that life is changing again and this transition season from married life to single mom life is finally starting to settle.


During this transition, I have been putting back the pieces of myself. I am breaking out of survival mode and thriving in life now. This new transition forward is such a big one for the boys and I. We really needed this space to call our own again after months of living with a very generous friend. Getting settled into new routines will be so wonderful!


One area of finding myself has come in the form of noticing the messages that are brought to me from life. I already shared about my butterflies, but I frequently recieve messages from bees (a symbol of accomplishing the impossible), grasshoppers (take a leap of faith), moths (be mindful that you are not using your emotions to hide from yourself) and hummingbirds (live in the moment). The hummingbird feather just below floated across my path on a particularly rough day. I knew instantly it was a message and smiled. I later discovered so much about hummingbird symbolisim that I related to. I remember having several hummingbirds that used to visit our old house daily, but never thought to look up their meaning. These are just a few key things that stood out to me:


“We learn how to appreciate that the past creates our future, and that even at the time, some lessons were harsh and hurtful ones, we wouldn’t be who we are without these lessons today. While the past creates the future, we shouldn’t stay in the past, but only reflect on how it has changed our future. They are also a reminder that nothing -past or future- is as important as what is happening now.”


These are a few things I have learned about myself over the last four months. I adapt easily to whatever situation I come to. I make the most of new circumstances. I find joy in my own heart and am happy. I am even more at peace when I can spread joy, love and beauty to those around me. I am able to see good in people, even those who have hurt me. I am a beautiful high energy being. My spirit must be free.

Finding Myself

New Life



Sometimes the hardest thing to do is move forward. Especially when it means you leave an old life for a new one. I am stubborn. I am strong. I am brave. I keep going forward, I don’t give up. I will find my true self and I will be happy again.

I have been collecting positive words, photos like the collage posted here, quotes, sayings, encouragement and keeping it all together in a place I can see it often. A reminder to myself of all I have overcome.

I have experienced an overwhelming amount of rejection, judgement, and lack of support from family through my recent divorce. But in their negativity, other’s have stepped up and been my support, love, acceptance, and they understand that while you may not agree with all of a person’s beliefs or actions, you can still be a good friend, to listen when things are confusing, to help when it’s needed. I am forever grateful for those who have stepped up to show their support for me through this difficult time. This new life will be hard, but it is what I needed and I am glad those who surround me now see that for me also.

I have not had much opportunity to write the many life changes I have been going through the last few months. And some things wouldn’t make much sense because I had not explained yet about becoming divorced, but now that this is out maybe I will feel a little freedom to share with you the new life I am building. I have so many wonderful ideas and plans. I really cannot wait for a few months to pass so that more of my life can be settled in and we can start to rebuild routines, habits, life and more. This is an exciting time for me, but it is also sad because this was not a path I ever anticipated when we had first got together almost 5 years ago. There is grief because that part of my life is now over, but there is excitement for all the many possibilities my future now holds. I am looking forward to what life will bring me now.

New Life