Temporary Home

It has been almost 6 months since starting life over on my own. Throughout this time we have had a few different living arrangements which we were very grateful for, but only recently did we find a temporary rental until something more permanent works itself out. I wanted to share our lovely little space we have now. It has been nice having a place to decorate and make it feel like “home” again.


This cozy dining area has been a happy place to enjoy meals together as a family. I also love sitting at the table to journal or goal plan for our near future.


We really love using this large porch! The boys have a big area to ride their bikes and there is so much yard to explore in too.


The boys room is really big! Their toys and books are all lined up by the wall. The first night they both fell asleep in their bed, but every night since they end up waking up and climbing in bed next to me.


I turned this little nook in my bedroom into my yoga space. I have been back to daily yoga for almost three weeks now and feeling so much better with regular practice again! Having a constantly ready space definitely helps me be consistent.


I love having my own bed! I did buy a new blanket and decorative pillows to celebrate the occasion. The view out the windows is quite and peaceful too.


I am happy to have some of my old things back in our new home. It helps so much with this transition to have familiar things after months without them.

That’s all I have to share! 💜

Temporary Home

Journey into Minimalism: 20 Minute Task List

I hate housework. I really do. And I’ve been terrible at it for 4 of our years together. But since some time last summer I have been putting a huge effort into changing this. Minimizing clutter and getting rid of unnecessary things have realy made a huge impact on how long it takes me to clean.

I grew up in a minimalist home. I feel like that turned me into a hoarder, especially these last few years. I have so much STUFF I don’t need to keep, but wanted it. I think, like with most things, there needs to be balance. Too far one way is no good and too far the other isn’t good either. The weeks I spent decluttering back in January really helped make daily tasks easier.


How can you be minimalist when it comes to housework? Glad you asked! Make yourself a task list -a friend encouraged me to not use the word “chore” because that carries negative energy and makes me dread getting though my list. I just took a notebook paper and drew a line down the middle. Our middle divider is the boys naptime. Everything in the first side should be done before their nap. Everything on the second side should be done by bedtime.

Since putting this into practice a few weeks ago, my house has been cleaner than ever! Anyone that knows me in real life knows how huge this is!


Now I’m sure you’re wondering how the 20 minute thing ties into this, well here it is: I set 20 minute timers on the kitchen stove and run through my task list. I can get almost everything on my morning list done in 20 minutes. Same for the evening list. The exception being dishes, and twice a day -most days- I set a 20 minute timer and just stand and wash up dishes. (That’s about how long it takes to fill up both the dish drainers since we don’t have a dishwasher).

You’ll notice I have basic things in the morning section, and more cleaning tasks in the evening. I don’t know if its just me or if this is true for many people, but when I tried to get cleaning done in the morning I was often repeating those same tasks in the evening too! Such a waste of time. And a huge frustration! Now that we keep clean up tasks in the evening, I can zip through the list and we wake up to a tidy house every morning. This helps our day start off on a positive note, life flows better when I’m not going through the mess leftover from the day before because I didn’t have time to repeat all the tasks before bedtime.

One final note: it takes time to get a balance that will work for you. The best thing you can do is just pick and start! Make your list, set your timer, and go. You may need a longer timeframe or a shorter timeframe, but it really will get easier the more you do it.

Journey into Minimalism: 20 Minute Task List

Journey into Minimalism: Decluttering Facebook.

Something I finshed a few days ago.

384. The number of groups I was in on Facebook. This is really a ridiculous amount considering there is no physical way to be active in all these and still have a life. I honestly don’t know how I ended up in so many groups! And sadly, it was even more than that, but I’ve been removing myself from groups for 4 days now. FOUR days, 10+ groups a day I have left behind… This is a problem that needed addressed.

Continue reading “Journey into Minimalism: Decluttering Facebook.”

Journey into Minimalism: Decluttering Facebook.

Journey into Minimalism: expectations.

My favorite quote, currently. Perfectly captured in my minimalist table decor not being exact because I have boys with beautiful imaginations. And it’s ok. Breathe and just be in the moment.

I’ve missed a few weeks of this series. It’s not been that I didn’t have anything to say, but more that I didn’t know how to say it.

I often set goals and expectations for myself. This is an old habit, but one that’s helped me do and create and see a lot of things I really wanted to. This can be such a useful tool in life, but it can so easily be overused. Continue reading “Journey into Minimalism: expectations.”

Journey into Minimalism: expectations.