Houseplant Addiction

Oh yes, this is a thing! There is a Houseplant Addicts Facebook group of over 31,000+ members who collect indoor plants. One member even posted having 200+ plants in her indoor jungle! I had a few plants at my old house, but they did not come with me, unfortunately. During the transitions we had last year, I was given a Jade plant. This was the beginning of my collection. I have also been given Paper Whites, and Aloe Vera right when we first moved to our current home.


Succulents are by far my favorite indoor plant. This is mainly due to their thriving when neglected factor. I don’t forget about the plants on purpose, but sometimes I do forget to water them. Succulents actually do better when they are not watered often. They like dry soil and then watered occasionally, then left to dry again. I have attempted to propagate Aloe Vera, but after reading about how to do this I discovered it’s actually hard to propagate from a stem so it’s not just me! I do have one plant that produces little babies, so these have been transplanted into new pots to grow even more aloe. Aloe does like to be grouped together and thrive in a “family” setting (so multiple plants in one pot).

Front: Jade. Left: Spathiphyllum. Back: Aloe Vera. Right: Janet Craig Compacta.

A recent hobby of mine, this Spring and now Summer, is to browse the clearance rack in the garden section at the store. I have found so many house plants and even plants for my flower bed here for as low as $0.95-$3 depending on type of plant, size, and original price! Several plants looked to be on the edge of death, mostly from being overwatered, but have come back to thrive beautifully!

Reporting and journal keeping.

Right now I am working to learn more about the plants I currently have so that I can make sure they are being cared for properly so they will thrive. I have a Garden/Houseplant Journal to keep notes on all my different plants saved in one place. I also make notes of when their soil has been changed, when they were purchased, and any other important notes I may need to remember for them. A journal just for my plants has been a huge help to me! I already love journalling, and this one with it’s specific purpose has been a nice change of pace from my usual journals.

Left is two succulents with unknown names, they were clearance rack rescues. Right is Golden Pothos.

I try not to move my plants around too much in the house. I typically keep them in the same locations once they have been added to my home. I have them in my living room, bedroom, kitchen, and laundry room! I wish I could put something in my bathrooms, but neither of them have windows so the one bathroom has a fake Ivy on the top of the cabinet to make up for the lack of real plants in this room.



This has been a fun little hobby for me. I really like collecting plants and finding them unique containers to put them in. I have found it’s almost necessary to have pots that are actually meant for plants, though I still have several in other containers with no drainage. These have marbles or small rocks on the bottom to allow the water to be away from the roots. This works better for plants that do not have a big root system (so my Jade, currently). Thrift stores are a great place to find containers for plants at an affordable price.

Google image of String of Pearls.

I have a Houseplant Wishlist that is slowly growing as I come across beautiful plants on Instagram or in the Houseplant groups I am in. I am currently looking for String of Pearls. I haven’t seen them anywhere locally, but a friend in Ohio saw them at her local farmers market and is keeping an eye out for some since the ones there were gone by the time she went back for them.

Beginning attempts at propagating.

I would eventually like to include houseplants in my shop so that is one motivation for learning to propagate! This will take some time and trial and error before I have anything ready to offer there. And then I will also have to figure out shipping so they stay alive and thrive on the other side. It’s a fun hobby that may possibly make some money in the end, and those are always the best kind!

Current table arrangement, Echeveria rescues and a Jade.



Houseplant Addiction

2018: An Empowered January

This month feels like it flew by! We haven’t been up to much since the weather has been quite cold, but I figured a few photos to document this month would be nice.


I have been putting a lot of effort into narrowing down what main things I will focus on learning in 2018. I bought this adorable binder to organize my study notes for this year. I have quickly discovered that aromatherapy certification is out of the plan for this year, but I did sign up for the free Introduction to Essential Oils course through Aromahead and am excited to be studying that soon. I have also signed up for a free Chakra course and a free Reiki course, both online.


I finally started seeing a chiropractor to help with my back issues. I had not seen one in almost 6 years, so I was long over due! My spine is still curving towards by back -from a previous injury- instead of having the forward curve a healthy spine should have. This makes sense considering how much pain I have been in the last 6-8 months especially.


I started a Vision Journal. Basically just going through old magazines and cutting out things I want for my life in 2018 and then arranging them and gluing the images to the pages. It has been a really fun project to work on throughout this month. I plan to continue to add to the pages as the year unfolds. My word for 2018 is EMPOWERED. “I am unstopable and will reach the goals I set for myself.”


These are four different tinctures I started at the beginning of this month. Left to right: lavender, ginger, anti-anxiety blend, and an immune boosting blend. The last jar is organic olive oil being infused with lavender, calendula, jasmine, rose petals and st johns wort.


I am jumping back into playing my guitar again. The poor thing has been neglected for many years, but quite to my surprise, I remember a lot more than I thought I would and only stumbled on transitions between chords, in the beginning of practice especially. I slowed down the tempo so I could focus on accuracy vs speed. I am on the hunt for some books to learn more chords and I hope that once we get some home internet I can find youtube videos to learn some of my current favorite songs. In the meantime, I was able to print off guitar chords for several songs, and made great progress with my current favorite song from Avicci,  “Hey Brother”.


I met my goal to get an herb profile done for January. I focused on Lavender, which is most definitely my favorite herb! I am also really enjoying reading this Rosemary Gladstar book, it’s an excellent choice for beginners especially, but any herbalist would probably enjoy this easy read.


We brought out the cloth diapers from storage. We aren’t using them full time yet, but I am glad to have them to help with diaper expenses every month! We’re still adjusting to the extra efforts cloth takes, after over 10 months in disposables.


I was quite proud of myself for getting our clothesline set up at our new house. It was also really nice to get laundry out on it! I’m pretry sure my new neighbors think I’m crazy, out hanging laundry on the line in WINTER.


I got two hiking adventues in for January! These were my first ones since my ankle injury back in November and knee injury in December. It felt great to connect with nature in this way again. Goegeous views help too!


I played my first game of darts this month. Turns out I’m pretty good, almost won! I just need to work on the bullseye practice. 😉


By the end of January, I finally got the last boxes in my room unpacked. It was very overwhelming to have all the piles that were in here since we moved in. I love how clean, peaceful and inspiring this space is now. I love my room!

January was a very good month! I look forward to what February brings us.

2018: An Empowered January

Phoenix Rising. From 2010-2017, My Brain Injury Recovery Journey.

In 2010 I was in a really awful, life changing car wreck. I have avoided writing about this part of my life here on this blog for several reasons, but I finally feel it’s time for an update. The last time I wrote an update was in 2013. I will start with sharing some from that update and then finish with some more current issues. It is written as if I’m talking to myself about myself. One thing I still deal with, going on 7+ years now, is that I don’t get to choose my memories. I don’t remember a lot of things so writting in this way helps me a lot, especially when I go back and read it months or years later. This is one reason I love writing so much, even when it feels like I’m reading about someone elses life, but it’s actually my own and I can’t remember it.


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Phoenix Rising. From 2010-2017, My Brain Injury Recovery Journey.

7 Days of Black & White Photos

Friends on Facebook and Instagram have been sharing their 7 Days of Black and White Photos, no people, no explinations. I loved how real everyone’s photos were so I decided to do it too. I thought it would be fun to share photos here as a little peek into my life. I want to share explinations with this set though because sometimes words help with understanding why something means so much to someone.

Day 1. Sitting at the kitchen table with my coffee. I do this most mornings. The boys are usually just to the right in the living room, playing or watching a favorite show. Often fighting over the same toy. I am just trying to gain enough strength to be a peaceful person til naptime. Trying to enjoy my coffee before the busy work of tidying the kitchen must happen. Or before a fight must be stopped or meltdown prevented. Being a mom is the hardest job some days.


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7 Days of Black & White Photos

Lessons in Gratitude

June has been a busy month for me. It’s also been a very hard time as I’ve had to go without a lot of things I am used to each day. For starters, I’m living with a friend and am extremely grateful for the roof over my head.

Throughout these last weeks I’ve come to notice little things here and there that I wish I had, and days (or hours later) things have appeared in my life.


I am grateful for a bed to sleep on. One I can make with both fitted and top sheets. And this gorgeous floral pattern, handmade quilt I get to enjoy right now. 


I was telling someone I really wanted an over the shoulder bag, and *the very next day* this lovely deep blue bag arrived. (Blue has been a significant color for me this month.)


Despite my attempts to quit coffee earlier this year, I’m back to a full pot, or more, most days. I don’t know where my energy has gone, but I feel like I’m drinking coffee all day long! I had left my coffee mugs back home and my friend had a few here, but there weren’t enough to go around til someone else was done. A few days later this Arizona coffee mug showed up. I immediately knew it was meant for me because I had traveled to Arizona with my grandparents when I was 6-7 years old. This has brought a little joy to my mornings.


I have been really missing my adult coloring books, three days later one was gifted to me! (Today actually, as I am writing this post.) I was excited to see there were several pages with butterflies!


Last week I was just thinking it would be nice to have a new color to paint my nails, and one came to me which I absolutely adore!


A final wish I made just hours ago: I wanted a new calendar, and now I have one (it was with the coloring book)!

Teaching the boys, mainly Fox, about gratitude was suggested by a friend. I have been asking Fox what things he is grateful for. As part of our evening/bedtime routine I have been asking him “what are two things that made you happy today?” I tried to explain grateful to him, but he didn’t quite grasp the concept yet. But the things that made him happy have involved other people or things we were able to do or cook or see that day which I think is really neat that he sees those are the things that make him happy/grateful. My heart melted last night when he told me “You make me happy, Mama!”

All of these little things are really big things to me. It’s been little reminders to trust my needs and desires will be met as I express them, even if only in my head. I’ve had many other things manifest for me during these weeks as well, but they are too personal to discuss so I won’t put that here. Trust that you are not alone and that your needs & desires matter. Spirit will listen.

Lessons in Gratitude