Thoughts on Bedsharing

Bedsharing. Co-sleeping. Kids in the room where parents are. This is us. Minus one short period when our oldest was a baby — and we were new parents who didn’t really research — our children have slept in the same room as us. There are many reasons for this. The main one being I sleep better with them close. Over the last three years our bed arrangement has changed many times.


This is our current bed arrangement. Two queens. The first is just the mattress on the floor as our adventurous 11 month old, Bear, is not walking yet and insists on crawling head first off everything! The top mattress is on box springs and frame, something we haven’t done in quite awhile. The boys often sleep right next to each other and I’ve noticed they wake up less when they sleep like this, which means we all get more sleep.

Our idea is that the boys will sleep on the lower mattress and we will sleep on the high mattress, but so far it’s been: baby, me, toddler on the lower one and husband on the high one. Bear had been nursing only twice at night, but suddenly hit a growth spurt right after I got this set up, and now is nursing 5-6 times at night. I’m sure once the growth spurt is over I’ll actually be able to sleep by my husband more, and I’m looking forward to that.

Our arrangement before this one was husband & toddler in this room and baby & I in the other room. We did this for months as the baby kept waking everyone up so many times though the night and none of us were getting sleep. And while some of us got sleep with that arrangement, I personally, was feeling disconnected from the other two because of the separation.

Our arrangement before the seperate rooms was two queens on the floor in the boys room. That was a really good arrangement and the two mattresses being level was amazing! The whole room was literally a bed. It was great! Until the baby kept everyone awake…

Figuring out how to get everyone to sleep in the same room again has taken some effort but we just about have it down. The most challenging part is the days my husband works since he has to go to bed around 7-8. The boys usually aren’t tired until after 9. But Im finding if I get Fox settled in, he’ll fall asleep pretty quickly by hubby and then I can come back in once he’s asleep and nurse Bear to sleep.

I love sleeping with my children close. I wake up a lot at night worried about them and it’s so nice to be able to look over and see them sleeping peacefully without having to get up to go to another room to check on them. And with breastfeeding, I get a lot more sleep having baby so close or in the same bed (which is usually where he is). I can’t even imagine them sleeping anywhere else. I’m sure one day they will sleep in a different room, but for now, I’ll enjoy having them close for a little longer.

Thoughts on Bedsharing

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