Home. A word we have not felt the true meaning of in many months. But that is finally about to change! This last week I bought a house, which has been a very long and difficult process. My efforts and consistency have paid off.

Our new home is beautiful! And it will only continue to feel warm and welcoming as we settle in here.

Today the boys and I went and cleaned. My goal was to sweep out the house and bless it before we started our unpacking process. In one closet I found the little red tea light candle. It was perfect because I had forgot to bring a candle with me today.

Red candles are a symbol of fire, survival, strength, action, and independence. This could not have been more perfect! Everything I have gone through and fought for these last six months was represented in this little gift from the universe. A reminder of all I have overcome and fought to achieve.

A few weeks into the house buying process I had placed an order with one of my very favorite online crystal shops, Wildflowers Fancies. The package arrived just before the house sold. I saved it to open and place these crystals in our new home.

Rose quartz- that love and understanding would fill our home.

Amethyst- to promote calm, peace and balance in our home.

Blue Kyanite- for healing of past relationships and harmony in our home.

Amazonite- freedom to express our thoughts and feelings, and to be able to set clear boundaries.

Moving is not my favorite part of life, but I am much relieved this will be the last one we have for quite some time! We needed this safe place to finally call home.


7 Days of Black & White Photos

Friends on Facebook and Instagram have been sharing their 7 Days of Black and White Photos, no people, no explinations. I loved how real everyone’s photos were so I decided to do it too. I thought it would be fun to share photos here as a little peek into my life. I want to share explinations with this set though because sometimes words help with understanding why something means so much to someone.

Day 1. Sitting at the kitchen table with my coffee. I do this most mornings. The boys are usually just to the right in the living room, playing or watching a favorite show. Often fighting over the same toy. I am just trying to gain enough strength to be a peaceful person til naptime. Trying to enjoy my coffee before the busy work of tidying the kitchen must happen. Or before a fight must be stopped or meltdown prevented. Being a mom is the hardest job some days.


Day 2. I spent most of this afternoon working on a new project I plan to release here on the blog in January! The projects are small, but so meaningful. It is a good day when I can spend a few hours in the pages of this book.


Day 3. A beautiful tree outside one of the living room windows where we are currently staying. It is huge! Consistency and strength are what this tree reminds me of.


Day 4. Horses! One day I will have my own, but until then I’ll visit my friend and admire her beautiful horses.


Day 5. Pancakes on Sunday. One of the few things we have had some consistency with through our big life changes. The boys were gone this weekend, but I still made pancakes for myself.


Day 6. Lighting candles on these early evenings is one small way to bring warmth and light to these cold nights.


Day 7. Impromptu road trips seem to be my go to lately when I’m stressed out. I have made a list of places to visit though so if I feel the urge for a long drive I have a purpose at least and can see some neat places. Nothing beats the small town highways with trees so close to the road.


7 Days of Black & White Photos

Temporary Home

It has been almost 6 months since starting life over on my own. Throughout this time we have had a few different living arrangements which we were very grateful for, but only recently did we find a temporary rental until something more permanent works itself out. I wanted to share our lovely little space we have now. It has been nice having a place to decorate and make it feel like “home” again.


This cozy dining area has been a happy place to enjoy meals together as a family. I also love sitting at the table to journal or goal plan for our near future.


We really love using this large porch! The boys have a big area to ride their bikes and there is so much yard to explore in too.


The boys room is really big! Their toys and books are all lined up by the wall. The first night they both fell asleep in their bed, but every night since they end up waking up and climbing in bed next to me.


I turned this little nook in my bedroom into my yoga space. I have been back to daily yoga for almost three weeks now and feeling so much better with regular practice again! Having a constantly ready space definitely helps me be consistent.


I love having my own bed! I did buy a new blanket and decorative pillows to celebrate the occasion. The view out the windows is quite and peaceful too.


I am happy to have some of my old things back in our new home. It helps so much with this transition to have familiar things after months without them.

That’s all I have to share! 💜

Temporary Home

Our Summer

This year has been so chaotic I haven’t even been able to do monthly posts. Really it was probably best I didn’t post for a few months due to all the major transitions our little family went through. Now that we are settling down and preparing for the weather to decide to stay cold for Fall, I would like to do frequent update threads again.

I’m not really going to sort this by month since it will be easier to just pick and choose favorite memories from our summer to share with you. Enjoy!!


We have so enjoyed visiting many trails over these summer weeks. Walking paths (or hiking trails) has become a new family favorite. Fox set the pace on a trail that was estimated to take 2 hours and we finished within 1 hour and 40 minutes! He is quite the trooper!


Playing in the creek at several parks has been a favorite escape from the heat this summer. The boys absolutely love collecting “pretty rocks”, building piles, throwing large rocks into the water to make splashes, or running up and back down the creek exploring.


Simple board games have become a favorite for Fox. Candy Land is one we play together quite often while brother is asleep for his nap. He also really enjoys memory card match games and working on puzzles together.


One week this summer we went camping. It was a much needed relaxing time for all of us! I am already working on new camping plans for the fall before the night weather is too cold for the boys!


We were in totality for this recent eclipse! Fox was so fascinated with everything going on and the changes in the sky and sun, changes in the temprature around us, the energy of all the people there who where also excited about this phenomenon!


I have tried to take the boys to various different parks around us, seeking out a park when we visit a new area, or just visiting our favorite parks many times over this summer. The boys love parks!


I have been collecting crystals left and right this summer, and of course the boys are fascinated with them and want to hold or play with them so… I started having them pick out their own each time they are with me when I go to a store. Slowly they are building beautiful little collections too!


We went to a “Things That Go” event at one park. Fox was able to climb in so many different types of trucks and work vehicles! Fire trucks, helicopter, monster truck, school bus, run down a tow truck ramp, various tractors and road repair vehicles, water trucks, so many vehicles! It was wonderful for him! He talked about it for days.


Fox has become quite the little climber! This kid is so strong it is surprising. He loves rock walls or rope climbing areas that are at some of the parks we’ve visited this summer.


Speaking of climbing! Fox did not want to come down from the very tall wildfire watch tower we climbed recently. He really loved being up there and able to see so far! It was a terrifying experience for me (I’m not crazy about heights), but I am glad I climbed it too because his smile was so big!


I took the boys to a small petting zoo. I think feeding the parakeets was one of their favorite activities. We also got to feed a cow, baby deer and baby goats, a camel, a donkey, and so many more animals! Of course jumping in the bounce house was a big deal for them too. 😉

Despite the many challenges with this life change, we have made some great memories this summer! I cannot wait for the memories we will make this fall!

Our Summer

Finding Myself


Sometimes life crashes and burns, but you come back even stronger than before. It has taken four months to get back on my feet and adjust to this new normal life. In this time I have learned so much about myself, about my boys, and about others who have passed through my life to help me learn these lessons. I have made new friends, built stronger relationships with current friends, and reconnected with old friends. None of this journey has been easy, but life never is.


I have a butterfly tattoo I had done back in April. I got it for several reasons, but one of them was for a reminder to be joyful and take change with ease. It’s been a great reminder to me over the months. I have had the female tiger swallow follow me through this transition. I see them everywhere, sometimes 3 or more whevever I go! They circle around me, land on me, fly by me. A dear friend sent me a photo of one she had found (shown above) and about a week later I found out I will be coming to yet another big, but positive, transition forward.


The day after this news, I found a butterfly beside my truck, so I picked it up and kept it.  This was such a beautiful reminder to me that life is changing again and this transition season from married life to single mom life is finally starting to settle.


During this transition, I have been putting back the pieces of myself. I am breaking out of survival mode and thriving in life now. This new transition forward is such a big one for the boys and I. We really needed this space to call our own again after months of living with a very generous friend. Getting settled into new routines will be so wonderful!


One area of finding myself has come in the form of noticing the messages that are brought to me from life. I already shared about my butterflies, but I frequently recieve messages from bees (a symbol of accomplishing the impossible), grasshoppers (take a leap of faith), moths (be mindful that you are not using your emotions to hide from yourself) and hummingbirds (live in the moment). The hummingbird feather just below floated across my path on a particularly rough day. I knew instantly it was a message and smiled. I later discovered so much about hummingbird symbolisim that I related to. I remember having several hummingbirds that used to visit our old house daily, but never thought to look up their meaning. These are just a few key things that stood out to me:


“We learn how to appreciate that the past creates our future, and that even at the time, some lessons were harsh and hurtful ones, we wouldn’t be who we are without these lessons today. While the past creates the future, we shouldn’t stay in the past, but only reflect on how it has changed our future. They are also a reminder that nothing -past or future- is as important as what is happening now.”


These are a few things I have learned about myself over the last four months. I adapt easily to whatever situation I come to. I make the most of new circumstances. I find joy in my own heart and am happy. I am even more at peace when I can spread joy, love and beauty to those around me. I am able to see good in people, even those who have hurt me. I am a beautiful high energy being. My spirit must be free.

Finding Myself